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CVE-2015-9549 – Reflected Cross-Site Scripting in OcPortal CMS




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November 6, 2015


A reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability identified on OcPortal CMS 9.0.20. An input variable vulnerable to XSS is ‘field_name’ in the CF_EMOTICON_CELL.tplfile.\ocportal\themes\default\templates\OCF_EMOTICON_CELL.tpl.

Proof of Concept (POC):

As per the documentation of the Ocportal, a value in a template that is not meant to contain HTML is marked as an escaped value ({VALUE*}). This means that ‘HTML entities’ are put in replacement of HTML control characters.


Here the VALUE that is marked with * symbol will be filtered with the XSS filter, and it will be sanitized before displaying it to the user, but they forgot to mark FIELD_NAME in OCF_EMOTICON_CELL.tplfile.\ocportal\themes\default\templates\OCF_EMOTICON_CELL.tpl



The View_all link beside the emoticons in the following screen is having this FIELD_NAME variable.



The View_all link is sending the following GET request to the server



The following is the source code of emoticons.php file\ocportal\data\emotions.php



The following is the code related to emoticons_script function in misc_scritps.php file\ocportal\sources\misc_scripts.php



Code that is loading the template file with the user-entered input \ocportal\sources\misc_scripts.php



This code is reading the GET request parameter field_name and displaying it back to the user without filtering because of the variable is not marked with * symbol. Obviously, it will not go for any filtration.

GET request to emoticons.php with script vector as the value of field_name



And the inserted payload is reflecting back to the user, as shown in the following screen.



A reflected cross-site script (XSS) vulnerability allows an attacker to inject malicious code into the emotions.php by providing XSS payload as a value for field_name.


Download the latest version and update it as per the vendor advisory.


Nov 06, 2015: Reported to Vendor
Nov 06, 2015: Vendor Response
Nov 07, 2015: Vendor Released Fixed
Nov 13, 2015: Public Disclosure
Aug 08, 2020: CVE Assigned

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