Assets with Known Ransomware & Exploitable Vulnerabilities

Discover if you are exposed to known ransomware vulnerabilities or not.

Ransomware is one of the most devastating cyber attacks that can affect an organization. Most organizations take too long to remediate critical exposures and hackers exploit this window of opportunity to attack. That’s why we are comprehensive, definitive, and accurate. Data obtained from our researchers analysis can help you identify whether your organization is exposed to known ransomware vulnerabilities or not. This identifies potential gaps in your security posture allowing you speed up remediate before it’s too late.

Securin ASM platform Ransomware filter.

Benefits of Attack Surface Management


Early Warning System

With a comprehensive ransomware database in our Vulnerability Intelligence feeds, we can warn you about any assets susceptible to ransomware.


Risk-Based Approach

We use a risk-based approach to help you identify vulnerabilities in your attack surface & prioritize them based on the level of risk to your organization

Decrease Remediation Latency

Reduce time in remediating ransomware threats through accurate threat context and proactively patch your most critical exposures first.