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Ransomware Report 2023 Year in Review

A look back at the ransomware landscape of 2023. Our researchers present overall trends, observations, and recommendations to counter evolving ransomware threats.

State of Cybersecurity for Medical Devices and Healthcare Systems 2023

Gain unprecedented insight into vulnerabilities within connected medical products and devices in this joint report.

State of Cybersecurity in America 2023

Discover crucial insights on why US States are high-priority targets for cyberattacks and get actionable steps to strengthen security controls in this essential report.

Ransomware Report Q1 2023 - Executive Summary

Read a condensed analysis of vulnerability trends, observations, and recommendations to counter ransomware threats.

Ransomware Report Q1 2023

Learn about products and vendors affected by ransomware, shed light on vulnerabilities undetected by popular scanners, and show which Threat Groups are using ransomware.

Ransomware Report 2023

View findings of top products & vendors affected by ransomware, which ransomware vulnerabilities are most dangerous, and a look into cybersecurity in the US.

Ransomware Report Q2 & Q3 2022

Dive into an update on vulnerabilities being exploited by ransomware operators and an in-depth look into the MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques for each vulnerability.

Ransomware Report Q1 2022

Read about the latest developments in ransomware attack arsenals, gaps in data intelligence, and the impact of ransomware on healthcare products and medical devices.