Read Securin experts' insights when they revisited HIVE and their attack tactics and techniques, and what organizations can do to remain safe from future attacks.
On Aug 11, 2021, Accenture, a multinational IT Consulting and Services company, became the latest victim of LockBit 2.0 Ransomware. Our researchers investigated the vulnerabilities that LockBit exploits to compromise their targets and here is our analysis.
Nobelium, the APT group behind the infamous SolarWinds attack, has resurfaced in two recent campaigns against US-based IT companies and government organizations. Check out Securin’s analysis about 18 vulnerabilities used by the group to exploit and infiltrate their targets.
The Conti group is associated with three vulnerabilities. If these had taken precedence in the CVE patching priority, the series of Conti attacks could have been avoided.
REvil Ransomware uses six vulnerabilities to target their victims and if these had been remediated and patched on priority, JBS - the world’s largest meat packer could have escaped this attack. CSW warned about these vulnerabilities in its Ransomware Spotlight Report published in February 2021.