DHS CISA KEVs Weekly Edition 16: Patch Before You Hit the Deadline

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the CVEs that need to be patched by September 2, 2022. CISA added 10 CVEs on August 25, bringing the total to 812 known exploited vulnerabilities.

Let us look at the analysis of all the vulnerabilities below:

How Far Back Do They Go?

All the CVEs were discovered in 2022.

Which Vendors Are Affected?

Severity Scores

Patching these vulnerabilities is of high priority, as they rank high and critical on the CVSS scoring scale.


Software Weaknesses

The following CWEs have caused three vulnerabilities that need to be patched this week.


One CVE (cve-2022-34713) does not have any associated CWE.



We urge organizations to implement patches for these CVEs at the earliest. With CSWโ€™s threat-based approach and vulnerability intelligence, security teams can prioritize the threats, including all KEVs, and minimize their attack surface.

For the latest news regarding vulnerabilities that are exploited and critical threats, read our blog on Weekly Threat Intelligence.

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