Securin’s Threat Intelligence: Mar 6, 2023 – Mar 10, 2023

This edition brings you early warnings, trending news about cyber threats, and the accurate threat context. Check out which threat group is on the rampage, what vulnerability it could soon weaponize, and more.

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Trending Threats

Vulnerabilities to Watch Out For

Trending Threats

Active Spear-Phishing Campaign Against the Maritime Industry

A spear-phishing campaign spanning over multiple years has been targeting entities in the maritime industry. The threat actors seem to have a financial motivation in carrying out these attacks. The emails contain malicious files which exploit CVE-2017-0199, a Microsoft Office vulnerability. Once initial access is gained, the threat actor uses remote access trojans (RATs) such as Agent Tesla and Formbook to harvest sensitive information like credentials, session tokens, and email lists. This information is used to either launch more attacks or sold to provide initial access to other operators. Since the maritime industry holds sensitive information regarding shipping, it needs to step up cyber security measures.

Vulnerabilities to Watch Out For

PoC Released for Oracle Vulnerability

The proof of concept for the exploit of CVE-2023-21839 has been released publicly. This Oracle WebLogic vulnerability will allow an unauthenticated attacker to gain network access via T3, IIOP and execute code remotely.  Oracle has already patched this vulnerability.

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